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n the middle of winter, January 2007, I came across an old brass chandelier that was sitting on my mother's front porch. I noticed it lying there limp and twisted on the stone steps. When she said that it was going in the trash I decided that I could not let that happen!  I had not thought much on lighting before.  I didn’t even have any chandeliers hanging in my own home. But something made me grab it. I had an instant connection with the metal hunk of junk. I brought it home, took a long stare, and began pondering. A tweak here, a bend there, a fresh coat of paint, some pretty adornments, and some nice bold candles will give this chandelier the face-lift it needs in no time!  Friends, family, and even neighbors took notice of my creation.  Pretty soon there were custom requests from every direction!  And there it was, the birth of my new business. And the rest is history...
How it all started
Shabulous Story